Theano-Public Domain

In November 1906, the 255-foot Canadian steamer Theano, bound for Thunder Bay with a cargo of steel rails sufficient to lay sixteen kilometres of track, was pushed off course and into the rocks off Trowbridge Island by a fierce blizzard packing fifty-mile-per-hour winds. She struck Marvin Island, was holed and sank. Storm waves later pushed her off into deep water near Trowbridge Island. The crew escaped in her boats.

To read Captain George Pearson description of the ordeal of the sinking of the Theano Click here.

Theano-Public Domain

The Theano was a “Three-Island Tramp” type steamer. She is “sister,” in design, of steamer MONKSHAVEN and Steamer LEAFIELD. The Moskhaven sank the month before (18,10,1906) less than 12 km away at Angus Island and then, in the great storm of 1913, the Leafield also hit angus Island and floundered with all hands lost. The Monkshaven Lies off angus Island in 0’-60’ (0-18m) of water.

Theano – Ken Merryman

The Leafied has not been found but is believed to lie somewhere between the Theano and Monkshaven.

The Final resting place of the Theano was discovered in 2005 by Ken Merryman lying at a depth of 260′ to 340’/ 79m to 104m. Exposed to the southwest this site is weather dependent.

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