Specializing in Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Services, the team at By The Bay brings years of experience and expertise to each project.

R. Richard Harvey

R. Richard Harvey has been working in Economic Development and consulting since 1980 when he worked in Niger West Africa on a C.I.D.A. community Development project. Since then he has worked on a variety of projects around the world providing Project Management, Strategic Planning, Market Analysis/Economic Impact Studies, Tourism Development and Environmental Services.

Harvey is also a certified NAS Underwater Archaeologist, Dive Master and Technical Diving Instructor allowing By The Bay to offer underwater services such as underwater Archeological surveying as well as sonar and cartography services.

If you are needing a Marine Survey, whether for Insurance purposes or when selling or purchasing a vessel, our Condition and Valuation reports will assist in potential vessel purchases as well as financial and insurance underwriting.

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