Why a Marine Survey?

A marine survey is a detailed inspection and lengthy document that speaks to the condition, seaworthiness and value of your boat. In many cases a potential buyer will want a Marine Survey to evaluate the condition and value of a vessel and to establish whether or not a boat is seaworthy (safe to be in the water). Many unsafe boats will float and get a family to and from a favourite anchorage. Many appear to be perfectly safe, even to experienced boaters. The need or must have surveys will generally be required by an insurance company or financial institution prior to approving insurance policies or financial arrangements. Insurance companies require surveys prior to issuing insurance policies for the first time and often require them periodically over the course of insurance policy renewals. A Marine Survey helps the insurance company identify any issues that could lead to an imminent claim. It also helps set the value of the boat the insurance company uses on the policy. Whether you are an experienced boater or are purchasing your first boat, you are likely to end up requiring a marine survey at some point. We are here to help you through this process.

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